Raul Acosta on Abortion

Abortion is the highest form of man's inhumanity to man

I hate the word "abortion", since it dehumanizes a human being to a complete non-person. The word comes from military jargon as in "abort a mission". It is used to mean end a pregnancy, i.e., kill a human being while that human being is in the womb of the mother. Due to the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision, it is legal in the United States for a mother to kill her own child. The "Roe" has even come forward and tried to get her prior lawsuit thrown out. Abortion is part of the Culture of Death. Abortion is the highest form of man's inhumanity to man and because it is legal it is not looked upon by many as immoral. I believe abortion is wrong and should be opposed in all it's evil forms and if you are reading these words your own mother let you have life, so why won't you let the little ones in the womb live?
Source: Campaign website, www.dude.us Oct 5, 2004

Cloning is wrong

Cloning is wrong because it attempts to play God and only serves the selfish whims of the CLONER and never the cloned. If one believes cloning is the same as producing an offspring, that person is very foolish.
Source: Campaign website, www.dude.us Oct 5, 2004

Stem cell research part of "The Culture of Death"

The Pope used the expression "The Culture of Death" to describe the calculated killing of people: the frame that surrounds abortion, euthanasia, starvation in the hospitals (no feeding tube, etc.), the creating of human embryos or cloning, and harvesting the cells for sick people (stem cell). The Culture of Death speaks in a voice that says, "What is good for me, should be done at all costs." This selfish voice would cause the destruction of many and leads to the road of TOTALITARIANISM.
Source: Campaign website, www.dude.us Oct 5, 2004

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