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Al Gore on Abortion
Click here for 15 full quotes OR click here for 4 older headlines OR click here for 32 headlines about Medicare & Medicaid OR click here for Al Gore on other issues.
  • Ban partial-birth abortions, except for maternal health. (Oct 3)
  • No litmus test; but appointees would uphold Roe v. Wade. (Oct 3)
  • Opposes partial birth abortion, but opposes banning it. (Sep 30)
  • Would support RU-486, if proven safe. (Sep 27)
  • Next president’s Supreme Court nominees will decide abortion. (Jun 28)
  • Two questions: Is abortion acceptable? Who should decide? (Mar 3)
  • Right to choice, regardless of economic circumstance. (Mar 1)
  • Personal struggle on abortion reflected in evolving view. (Feb 26)
  • Abortion question is for women, not government or president. (Jan 30)
  • Wrote in 1984 that “abortion is arguably taking a life”. (Jan 30)
  • Voted against Medicare-funded abortions; but now supports it. (Jan 26)
  • Always, always defend a woman’s right to choose. (Jun 1999)
  • Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. (Nov 1998)
  • Supports Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances law. (Nov 1998)
  • More family planning; less parental consent. (Nov 1998)
David McReynolds on Abortion
Click here for the full quote OR click here for David McReynolds on other issues.
  • Give women a genuine right of free choice. (Aug 1999)
Dick Cheney on Abortion
Click here for 6 full quotes OR click here for 18 headlines from Keyes' book Our Character, Our Future OR click here for Dick Cheney on other issues.
  • Reach across the divide on adoptions & notification. (Oct 5)
  • Let FDA’s RU-486 decision stand; it’s only based on safety. (Oct 5)
  • Exemptions for rape, incest or woman’s life now OK. (Jul 26)
  • In Congress: No exceptions in the case of rape or incest. (Jul 24)
  • Against abortion rights. (Jul 1999)
  • Co-sponsored “Preborn Children’s Civil Rights Act of 1985”. (Jan 1988)
Ezola Foster on Abortion
Click here for the full quote OR click here for Ezola Foster on other issues.
  • Against abortion rights. (Aug 11)
George W. Bush on Abortion
Click here for 19 full quotes OR click here for 5 older headlines OR click here for 24 headlines from Bush's Boston debate with Gore OR click here for George W. Bush on other issues.
  • Accepts FDA approval of RU-486 but concerned about overuse. (Oct 3)
  • Ban partial-birth abortions, and reduce abortions overall. (Oct 3)
  • Find common ground where good people disagree. (Oct 3)
  • Aprroval of RU-486 is wrong. (Sep 29)
  • Good people can disagree; but let’s value life. (Aug 3)
  • Every child born and unborn ought to be protected. (Jun 5)
  • Welcome all children; supports adoption tax credits. (Apr 2)
  • Supports GOP abortion plank but disagrees on exceptions. (Feb 15)
  • No Republican will allow partial-birth abortion. (Feb 15)
  • Ideal: Value every life; but many steps to get there. (Jun 1999)
  • Supports Parental Notification Law for minor girls. (Jun 1999)
  • Ban partial-birth; ban taxpayer funding. (Mar 1999)
  • Encourage fewer abortions via adoption & abstinence. (Jul 1998)

    Supreme Court & Constitution

  • No litmus test; just strict constructionist interpretation. (Oct 3)
  • No tax money for abortion, but no Pro-Life Amendment either. (Sep 30)
  • No litmus test except strict Constitutional interpretation. (Aug 30)
  • Supreme Court is wrong: leave abortion to the states. (Jun 28)
  • No pro-life pledge; VP & judges will simply be qualified. (Jan 10)
  • Would support - but not pursue - a pro-life Amendment. (Jun 1999)
Harry Browne on Abortion
Click here for 7 full quotes OR click here for Harry Browne on other issues.
  • Abortion is wrong; but no federal authority to deal with it. (Sep 9)
  • Return abortion to checkerboard of state laws. (Sep 9)
  • No “War on Abortion”, despite his personal opposition. (Jun 14)
  • No gov’t funding of abortion, but no prohibitions either. (Jan 13)
  • No govt imposition; encourage private alternatives. (Dec 1998)
  • The federal government should have no role in the matter. (May 1996)
  • Abortion is wrong, but govt has no role in it. (Jul 1995)
Howard Phillips on Abortion
Click here for 4 full quotes OR click here for Howard Phillips on other issues.
  • Prosecute abortion doctors for homicide. (Sep 20)
  • First Priority is to End Legalized Abortion. (Sep 1999)
  • Killing of the innocent, young or old, is unconstitutional. (Sep 1999)
  • Both parties support pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices. (Sep 1999)
John Hagelin on Abortion
Click here for 2 full quotes OR click here for John Hagelin on other issues.
  • No govt abortion funding; no litmus test. (Jan 13)
  • No moral authority for govt to make moral decisions. (Sep 1999)
Joseph Lieberman on Abortion
Click here for 6 full quotes OR click here for 11 headlines from the Vice-Presidential debate OR click here for Joseph Lieberman on other issues.
  • FDA’s RU-486 decision stands; it’s made properly by experts. (Oct 5)
  • Leave abortion decision to a woman, her doctor, and her god. (Oct 5)
  • Rejected partial-birth ban since it ignored maternal health. (Oct 5)
  • Supports abortion rights within his faith, not despite it. (Sep 3)
  • Parental consent with judicial override; Gore agrees. (Aug 10)
  • Supported parental notification for minors; but pro-choice. (Aug 8)
Pat Buchanan on Abortion
Click here for 7 full quotes OR click here for Pat Buchanan on other issues.
  • RU-486 is a human pesticide; ban it. (Oct 1)
  • RU-486 is an abomination before God. (Sep 28)
  • The unborn have rights; defund the abortion industry. (Dec 1999)
  • Presidency supports traditional values, not gays & abortion. (Jul 1999)
  • Appoint pro-life judges; fight “Culture of Death”. (May 1999)
  • Abortion is greatest evil since slavery. (May 1999)
  • Strictly pro-life Supreme Court & Vice Pres. nominees. (Mar 1999)
Ralph Nader on Abortion
Click here for 4 full quotes OR click here for Ralph Nader on other issues.
  • Threats to overturn Roe are “scare tactics”. (Nov 1)
  • Women should decide whether to use RU-486, not government. (Oct 1)
  • No government role; let women privately decide. (May 7)
  • Roe v Wade is safe; GOP must back off pushing it. (Feb 23)
Winona LaDuke on Abortion
Click here for 2 full quotes OR click here for Winona LaDuke on other issues.
  • Supports a woman’s right to choose. (May 23)
  • Choice means quality of life for low-income families. (May 23)


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